Frequently Asked Questions about Nudges, Notifications and PushReact

Does PushReact work on smartphones?

Yes - All the widgets will work across all screen types and resolutions. One tip though - remember not to "crowd" your website with too many notifications. Please also test your website on different screens to check for anything being "blocked". In each notification settings you can toggle on/off whether or not to display the notification when pixels available are smaller than 768px.

Can I choose notifications to appear on a specific page?

Yes you can. In the notification settings you can specify which exact URL or a URL that contains, begins with, or ends with your chosen text. As an example we have an emoji feedback widget set-up to show up on this page only. Note, we have also configured it to wait 10 seconds to appear and then stay for 15 seconds.

I see in your examples the widgets say "by PushReact" can I take this away?

Yes you can. For each and every notification you configure you can choose to show it or not. In addition you can also set-up custom branding for your entire campaign. Choose any text as well as an optional hyperlink.

What happens after the free trial?

Good news - our free package isn't time limited. Bad news - it is limited by the number of campaigns / impressions you can run. We hope this solution gives our customers the chance to test all aspects of the software before upgrading when it is right for them. We promise not to phone you and hassle you to upgrade.

Can we change the design of the social proof widgets to match our site?

Yes you can. From your dashboard you can change the text colour, the background colour and if you want rounded or square borders. Where appropriate you can also change images, videos and icons. Each customisation is on a widget by widget basis, so if you want to blend in on one of your pages, but have a contrasting colours on another one it's possible. It could also be worth mentioning you are free to choose at which position on your page the notification will appear - e.g. top right, middle center, bottom left.

Can you help me install?

We are here to help - please sign up for an account and then email us and we will get you up and running. An installation guide is available here.

Which languages does PushReact support?

The dashboard is only in English at this stage, but the widgets can contain any text you want - that means yes for Spanish, German and other non-English languages. We also support emojis. Unfortunately full support for right to left languages such as Arabic, Kurdish and Hebrew are not provided.

Does Social Proof on websites actually work?

From all the research we have done, adding social proof and urgency (fear of missing out) almost always increases conversion rate. Other factors such as product quality, pricing, seasonality, strength of brand of course play their part. Give our solution a trial today and find out for yourself.