Demo Page

On this page we are showing some of the notifications it's possible to configure.

You probably wouldn't have this many notifications on a real page - the users might get scared off!

Whilst we are here, let us show you some of the configuration screens.

Basic - choose what text you want to display and other configurations depending on the widget type. If appropriate you can change the icon / image, and also choose (optional) a URL that the user goes to if they should click on the widget

Triggers - This is where you control where on your website the widget will appear. This can be all pages, or specific pages, or a page type.


Exact math:

Contains: (for all product pages on a webshop)


You can also have a time lag after page load when the widget should appear.


Finally you can configure if the widget will be for all devices or desktop only.


Display - Here we can dictate how low long the widget should appear for and how we want it positioned. We can also choose if the user can close the widget and if the branding should appear (default branding is “PushReact” but you can change that to your own brand (covered below).